My Son the Fanatic and Free for All

In My Son the Fanatic the father is a hardworking man that tries his best to adapt to the culture in London. He’s undermining certain rules in the Quran. He drinks alcohol and eats bacon. While his son is the opposite, he thinks these rules, and other rules in the Quran,  should be followed strictly and calls out his father. The father gets angry and beats up his son after a heated discussion. The son is struggling to find a place to belong since muslims aren’t welcome. According to the son.

In Free for All the father is a highly educated American citizen, he’s a physician. His son has grown up in America and likes to play guitar. His father doesn’t like to listen to his son playing the guitar late at night. The father thinks he should spend his time studying for school instead of only playing the guitar. The father gives his son a warning about not playing the guitar, but he turns the volume up even louder. The father gives him a slap and the son calls the police. The judge gives off a verdict saying that the father is to buy his son the latest model guitar and guitar lessons. When the father gets home he proposes that the entire family should go to Karachi. Once they land in Karachi he beats up his son and the police doesn’t stop him, since the culture in Pakistan is different from the USA.

In the My Son the Fanatic story the son was struggling to get used to the culture in the country they live in, whilst in Free for All the father was the one that hadn’t adapted to the culture, since he thought it would be okay to hit his son.


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