Plastic under water

Currently, life under water face the problem of plastic pollution and global warming increasing the temperature in the sea, killing off many coral reefs. The plastic can sometimes look like food for certain fish and that plastic will then stay in their stomach, because it’s pretty hard to digest plastics.

The documentary made me think how sad it is that fish have to suffer because of our actions. I’d like to think that I’m already pretty decent when it comes to recycling plastics and cardboard, so I don’t think I will recycle more because of the documentary.

I do think, however, that not everyone is as aware of this issue so raising the global awareness on this topic is always a good thing. Maybe it would make people recycle plastics more.

I believe we need to remove a lot of the plastics from the water, and that is quite hard to do as an individual, but maybe supporting organizations that want to help life under water would be enough if a lot of people does it. Also if everyone recycled more atleast we wouldn’t worsen the situation.


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