The Kite Runner and The Good Lie

At the end of the movie the brother Mamere gave his brother Theo his passport and flight ticket back to the US. When the brother, Theo, hesitated and called it a lie, Mamere told him that it was a good lie and talked about how he needed to repay Theo for his sacrifice when Mamere was seen by the soldiers. This is probably why the director of “The Good Lie” chose this title. It gives a foreshadow of what is to happen later in the movie and shows self-sacrifice for his brother.

As for “The Kite Runner” I missed the middle part of the movie, but in the beginning the movie was focusing on the two brothers and their relationship while they were practicing for a kite running tournament which was a big deal. I think they chose the title since kite running was such a big part of the story and also displays the culture.

When resettling in a new country as an immigrant there are many challenges, some easier to overcome than others. The immigrants in “The Good Lie” come from a developing nation with very little technology and when they arrive in the US, they struggle to understand how, for instance, the phone works. An even bigger challenge would be the culture difference. Norms are very different in the US compared to Sudan, where the brothers are from. In the movie one of the brothers walked into the house of their “guide” thinking that it was ok, his reasoning being that the door was unlocked.

The brothers in “The Good Lie” struggle to find a job since they have no education after running from a conflicted area. They manage to get jobs with the help of their “guide”, but some of them lost/left their job because of their personal values differing from what’s acceptable in the US. One of the brothers worked in a grocery store and wanted to help out a homeless person, so he gave her food from the store and quit the job after.

It’s not all bad however. The brothers received housing, food and work so they could live a good life in the US compared to their life in the refugee camp. I believe they’re able to adapt to the US given enough time and use the opportunities handed to them to improve their lives even more, maybe even start families of their own.


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